Hi again! I finished up the roster and I have you assigned to May X for your giveaway/shop promotion. Please note that we will be using Eastern Daylight Time for the purposes of #PinADayMay, so you will need to post your promotion on Instagram between 12:01am EDT and 11:59pm EDT of your assigned date.

There are three graphics you can use to promote #PinADayMay if you would like to do so. 

  1. The daily photo challenge prompt list for
  2. The designer sponsor schedule
  3. An IG story-friendly image containing both lists. 

CLICK HERE TO GET THE HIGH RES IMAGES VIA GOOGLE DRIVE. You are not required to post these images, but it would be greatly appreciated to help spread the word about the event. 

Your Task

  • Between 12:01am EDT and 11:59pm EDT of your assigned date, make an Instagram post featuring one or more of your pin designs that is currently available in your store.
  • Please begin your caption with some mention of the hashtag #PinADayMay (Example: “I’m having a 10% off sale as part of #PinADayMay!” or “Time for a #PinADayMay giveaway!”)
  • Include the details/rules of your giveaway or promotion. The details are up to you, just make sure whatever promo you do is open for at least 24 hours.
  • Include this line in the caption (or something similar): “Check out @iamlunasol for the full #PinADayMay photo challenge, sponsor schedule, and details on extra prizes!”
  • Extra Credit (but not required): Encourage your followers to participate in the #PinADayMay photo challenge and share photos of their pin collections!

That’s it! You are not required to participate in the daily photo challenge, but you’re certainly welcome to! Thank you so much for being a part of this event and the pin community!